“I AM” are two of the most powerful words, for what comes after shapes your reality. One of Joel Osteen’s greatest quote that icons like Oprah Winfrey testify to have changed their life and I believe changed mine too is, “Whatever follows I AM will come looking for you.”

When I was growing up (I still am), everyone around me, even the closest – family- felt that I would amount to nothing. They constantly rubbed it on my face. It hurt so bad that I became suicidal; there was just no positive talk about me and I wondered what then I lived for. I thank God I didn’t succumb as I wouldn’t have lived to meet the scintillating lady I have grown to become. A lady I made commitment to love and everything changed.

When in high school, my principal said words to me that pierced my heart so deep, “You are Christine’s sister! Christine is such an angel but you, you are quite a devil”. I could not comprehend why a fellow human being could go to an extent of calling me a devil. What was harder for me to comprehend was how my mom sat there and said nothing. In form 3, I agreed to move to a day school – I strongly felt that to them, it was just about enrolling me somewhere, it didn’t matter where. I regained my strength and with a strong belief that “it doesn’t matter where you are but who you are”. I made a decision to thrive from right there.

Upon joining my new school, I made a vow to be the best I could be. I was so determined to make it, not even the environment could stop me. I took leadership roles and ensured I stood out in everything I did. I deliberately became what I call “too relevant to be ignored”. I scored a B Plain from this school and I remember when I received my KCSE results, I felt I had failed only to share with my uncle and do you know what he said? “You, a B? Wow! I thought you would get a C having tried your best”. This is how lowly I was thought of. I stared at him and tears rolled down my cheeks. At this very moment I affirmed that I only had one thing, MYSELF.

Everything changed when I told myself “What is different is what makes me unique and special”. I took charge and stopped feeling bad or apologetic for who I was/am. Instead, I polished it. For the 1st time in my life, I discovered myself. I began to love myself and exploit the reservoirs of greatness in me. Nothing could stop me then and nothing stops me now from taking every chance I have or creating chances to exploit my limitless potentials.

As Roy T. Bennett said, “Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself”.

Remember, it’s all on YOU; not your environment, family, employer, economy or anyone and anything. No one can rob you of YOU so, make YOU count. Transcend people’s thoughts and definition of you and define YOU. Trust me, what will follow is the surprising opulence of greatness that you possess. Don’t just say it, believe it and stay connected to it and that’s what you become.

Oprah Winfrey said and strongly emphasizes on this, “You don’t become what you want. You become what you believe.”

I believe, “I AM blessed, beautiful, amazing, intelligent, talented, successful, made for greatness, an angel – not a devil – and all the good things you can think of”.

What do you believe?



Author: Wanjiru Kaburu

By definition, I am self- driven, reliable, assiduous, committed, keen, inspiring, creative and a strategic thinker. I am zealous in influencing action and bringing about transformation and impact. I possess strategic management knowledge and skills, brand management skills, organization skills, writing and communication skills, cognitive skills and I am a person of integrity. I have been involved in various ways officially and unofficially as a strategic management and change agent. I am a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree holder and currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management Option) degree. I am not actively involved in the technical aspects of Information Technology but the knowledge gained through the degree helps me understand the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) concept and champion technology for change. I am also an outstanding content developer. I look to use my interest and passion in corporate image management and strategic management in changing the view and perspective of things, corporations and individuals for sustainable change. Every day to me is an opportunity to learn, grow and influence action.

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