We want to be successful in different ways in life. To have it all. To make a difference. But are we willing to do what it takes? Are we willing to work for it?

In his book, “The power of positive thinking”, Norman Vincent said that “to achieve something, you have to want it enough such that you are willing to do everything to have it helped by the power of your mind and the God given abilities”. Whatever it is, do you want it bad enough?

In my reading, I got interested to know what the mantra of the successful people is, or rather those the world considers successful. Three things stood out:

1. Hard work

2. Believing in self

3. Reading

The lives of these people are about believing in their dreams, working hard towards achieving them and revitalizing their minds with new knowledge. There you have it. That’s the formulae. Most of us however choose to be lazy, to doubt ourselves and our abilities every chance we get and books! We would rather have a home theatre and watch all the movies rather than have a home library and read as many books as we can.

Take the case of a candle and a match box with match sticks in it. For there to be light from these three, someone has to go to the shop, get a candle and a match box then do the work of lighting the candle and boom! There is light. Some work has to be put into it for you and the people around you to enjoy the light. That’s what life is about. It’s about you knowing the difference such little light can make and doing what it takes to bring that light to the world.

Visualize two flowers, a withered one and a flourishing one, which looks beautiful? I’m sure you will say it’s the flourishing one. What’s wrong with the withered one? “It’s withered. It has no life.” – Most of you will say. Now, which flower are you between these 2? Are you the kind that has watered their garden and pruned it to present beauty to the world or are you the kind that has neglected their garden, plucked flowers leaving them to wither, robbing the world the beauty and fragrance of your being?

You need to believe in self and in the value you bring to the world and put in the work to represent such beauty. The beauty the world needs. To be a gift to the world.

Author: Wanjiru Kaburu

By definition, I am self- driven, reliable, assiduous, committed, keen, inspiring, creative and a strategic thinker. I am zealous in influencing action and bringing about transformation and impact. I possess strategic management knowledge and skills, brand management skills, organization skills, writing and communication skills, cognitive skills and I am a person of integrity. I have been involved in various ways officially and unofficially as a strategic management and change agent. I am a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree holder and currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management Option) degree. I am not actively involved in the technical aspects of Information Technology but the knowledge gained through the degree helps me understand the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) concept and champion technology for change. I am also an outstanding content developer. I look to use my interest and passion in corporate image management and strategic management in changing the view and perspective of things, corporations and individuals for sustainable change. Every day to me is an opportunity to learn, grow and influence action.

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