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I am an author of The Book “The Power of Self – Love” and a young professional in the field of copywriting,  editing, communication, brand management & positioning and mentoring and coaching. I am big on ‘finding’ and fulfilling ones purpose (in every stage of life) hence I use transformational coaching, writing and speaking as tools and avenues to inspire, empower and call people to action.  I am also involved in championing transformational leadership and I spend a lot of time on leadership development. If you’re wondering what I studied (or study), I am a holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology and pursuing an MBA, Strategic Management (project level). I have also taken time to study Film Script Writing, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Communication, Brand Building, Positioning & Management Strategies.

In addition, I have great mastery in the art of content writing, communication, public relations, brand positioning and public speaking and I have been engaged professionally in writing speeches and content for various platforms and purposes, coaching on writing, communication and brand management and also, in keynote addresses and motivational/career talks. I have also helped brands get noticed through brand positioning. I run a venture by the name Infinite Space which focuses on the areas above and I also run a career blog.

I have been a part of various personal development projects and programs; some of the notable ones are Toastmasters International where I have served in various leadership positions and received various awards as acknowledgement of my proficiency in Communication, Public Speaking and Leadership Skills; Emerging Leaders Foundation where I underwent training on Leadership Development and was the President of my cohort and Together for a New Africa; a program I am involved in through which we seek to be formed and form young people molding them to be the leaders that Africa so badly needs. I sit at the International Centre of the Movement of Policies & Politics for Unity (MPPU); as a representative of Africa (together with one other). MPPU is a movement that advocates for politics for unity.

This lady has a day job; in case you were wondering.

I have worked at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) in various capacities in the fields of Public Relations, Brand Management, Content Creation/ Copywriting and Editing. In these fields, I have focused on branding strategy; defining the identity, packaging it and communicating it in various ways through various platforms. This has contributed greatly to the visibility of the University and her positioning. Currently, I am working in the Office of Career Services where we are seeking to help our students build a career they love and to get ready for the changing world of work and entrepreneurship. I run the day to day operations of the office, offer guidance on career; especially on self – awareness, linking interests to career choice and soft & life skills development. I am also the communication and linkages officer; I create and publish relevant content for the office, build and maintain strategic relationships, position the office as a secondary brand under the DeKUT primary brand, come up with strategies to leverage existing partnerships while helping build new ones and I am hands on in the implementation and execution of these strategies.

All said, I am a citizen of the world and I strive, every day, to make my contribution and be the gift I am meant to be to the world.

Get your digital copy of “The Power of Self – Love” on Amazon or on Selar. A hard copy is also available at African Book Hub, Nairobi.

For my YouTube content, click here Wanjiru Kaburu’s Channel. I also run a Wanjiru Kaburu’s Vibes podcast available on various plaforms. Listen in!

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Check out Infinite Space and let me know how I can help you and/or your organization become more.

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