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Top 10 rules for SUCCESS

I thought i should share this, i find it useful. You will be amazed how successful people have so much in common. As you read through, have this in mind: “Your life is limited, don’t waste it living in other people’s opinions. Follow your intuition, they probably already know what you wanna become. Everything else is secondary. You have to trust your guts and go for it. People will think you are crazy or even stupid but you have to be crazy enough to think you can change the world and go for it” , Steve Jobs.

You are what you think about every day, think success and successful you will be.

Warren Buffet’s

  1. Know and find your passion
  2. Hire well; you need integrity, intelligence and energy
  3. Don’t care what others think, keep pushing
  4. Read Read Read
  5. Have a margin of safety
  6. Have a competitive advantage
  7. Schedule for your personality
  8. Always be competing; always on the move
  9. Model success; look at and admire the people you wanna be like, confess it then be on the go
  10. Give unconditional love

Bill Gate’s

  1. Have passion and energy
  2. Have a bad influence
  3. Work hard
  4. Create the future
  5. Enjoy what you do
  6. Play bridge/game; exercise
  7. Ask for advice
  8. Pick gooooo people
  9. Don’t procrastinate; do it NOW
  10. Have a sense of humor

Steve Job’s

  1. Don’t live a limited life
  2. Have passion
  3. Design for yourself
  4. Don’t sell crap
  5. Build a great team
  6. Don’t do it for the money
  7. Be proud of your products
  8. Build around customers
  9. Marketing is about value
  10. Stay hungry, stay focused

Oprah Winfrey’s

  1. Understand the next right move (and of course make it)
  2. Seize your opportunity
  3. Everyone makes mistakes (learn from them and move on)
  4. Work on yourself
  5. Run the race as hard as you can
  6. Believe; say it and stay connected to it
  7. We are all seeking the same thing (so focus on you)
  8. Find your purpose (then pursue it)
  9. Stay grounded
  10. Relax, it’s going to be okay (easy does it)

Joel Osteen’s

  1. Plant the right seeds; your life will take the direction of your thoughts & words
  2. Be in peace
  3. Don’t accept mediocrity; don’t let people put their limitations on you
  4. Invite positive things to your life
  5. Don’t give up; do not let your dream die, TRY AGAIN
  6. Stay grounded
  7. Let go of the past; don’t carry negative baggage of yesterday to today
  8. Be practical
  9. Don’t waste your pain
  10. Let your enemies motivate you

Richard Branson’s

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Give it a try
  3. Be a leader
  4. Don’t give up; keep going until you succeed
  5. Delegate; don’t try doing all by yourself. Get someone better than you to do it for you
  6. Treat people well
  7. Shake things up; don’t stop learning and improving
  8. People will be skeptical. Have this in mind and appreciate the fact
  9. Affect lives positively
  10. Do things differently; don’t just play the game but change it for good

Lisa Nichols’s

  1. You are your own Rescue
  2. Believe in the Unseen
  3. Use Affirmations
  4. Create Holistic Success
  5. Do something different
  6. Stop asking for permission
  7. Disrupt your soil
  8. Unpack your story
  9. Find true Abundance
  10. Dream BIG


My take on service

As part of upbringing, my mom used to say to me “whatever you do, do it as if you will never have a chance to do it again. Do it with love to the best of your ability not because someone is watching but because it is beautiful. Let the fulfilment you get after evaluating how well you have done it be your reward”. I never used to be that person as a young girl but as I grew up, I think those words took root in me so deep and you know what, my mom was right. It is so fulfilling.

From my mom still, I learnt the virtue of giving genuinely expecting nothing in return “do good and go your way”. People attribute giving to monetary value but in my years I have learnt that there is much more to giving than money, more valuable things actually. Time and service for instance, in my opinion, is the most valuable thing you can give because there is no way of getting it back. Offering time to be there for a friend, family, colleague, boss at work and anyone who may need your time is the greatest gift you can give. Giving without expecting anything in return

Money is important and very necessary for survival and material comfort; money is actually good. What saddens me is that it has also become the greatest evil. People can do anything and nothing for money; can do all sort of jobs for money and can fail to do it at all as long as the money demand is not met. Service has been compromised by greed.

In my view, we should work to our best at whatever level and the reward will ultimately be realized. Before asking “how much will I get for this?” let’s prove ourselves worth of even more than we could receive. Let us serve first with passion, commitment and integrity and surely every sort of reward will follow. If your mom, dad, siblings, partner, kids, employer does not see it, God is always seeing it and there is no reward greater than that from up above.

You never know how things turn out, It is actually not for you to know. All you need to do is play your part diligently and you will be up for a surprise, you will unknowingly be making steps to greatness. Do not limit your service to pre- defined roles and job descriptions but instead, surpass them. If you can serve, do it NOW. Martin Luther King. Jr once said “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” Outsmart yourself in service, that’s my challenge to you


Bouncing back

Our ability to bounce back from life’s setbacks is mostly determined by 3P’s:

Personalization- this is the tendency of blaming oneself for something negative that happens. Getting over the bump of personalization can help you not only to recover but thrive.

Pervasiveness-this is the tendency to feel that everything is awful. So much negative energy that makes one focus on faults. In order to bounce back, there is need to focus on ones blessings/gifts/abilities/achievements.

Permanence- the feeling that the sad moments will last indefinitely. Learning to accept ones feelings but recognize that they will not last forever and smile about it is a tool to bouncing back.