My Book

“The Power of Self – Love.”

“This book is awesome; unleashing the power WITHIN. I highly recommend it” – Monica Kimani

Let’s hear a few more TESTIMONIALS from the readers of “The Power of Self – Love.”

“This book changed my perspective on how I view life and especially when it comes to my source of happiness and it came into my life when I needed it the most. It was a game changer in my life”- Idah Wanja

“I have read your book and I am a lover and a reader of books but the facts in this book are too convincing. I have for so long been lacking the voice from this book.  You can be sure that this is a book I will read every week. You inspire me.” – Priscillah Nyawira

“I have read your book for the fourth time now and every time I read it, I develop a different understanding.  You would love to see how many times I have marked the pages of the book. It’s such a blessing to have it; a real game changer” – Kevin Airo

“I love how you bring out how nobody is responsible for our own success except oneself. This is fundamental as we normally have external excuses for failures or for not reaching our full potential; we measure it using someone’s support and commitment rather than looking at our own failures and taking responsibility to do and be better. I love how you have explained the concept of believing in oneself and wanting something bad enough if we want to achieve it. Your book is full of great insights!” – Stella Mutai

“What a book! What a publication! What a story! Oh, my! I loved it; every single bit. Thank you for challenging me through this book to be more deliberate with things I know I really need and want. I needed someone to talk to me about this subject and you did it so well. Thank you!” – Sati Arthur

“You are such a blessing to me. This book is a master piece; I am so inspired and more than willing to commit to myself. You stirred the passion in me. God bless you and increase you in every sphere of your life.”- Winnie Sonitah

“I really like your book. It’s making me discover some issues and make the decision to take charge.” – Hellen Kirui

Get your digital copy on Selar or on Amazon. You can also buy a hard copy at African Book Hub in Nairobi; located on Loita Street, Absa Building and also on Kiambu Road.

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